Will You Get What You Want? NOPE – Jamie Valentine

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You have the worst luck with women, you always have. Whenever you try to get the attention of a female your always shot down. Want to go to dinner?NOPE. Want to be my girlfriend? NOPE. Can I get a hug? NOPE. Can I get a kiss? NOPE. Your so used to being denied what you want you can’t even remember what its like to cum. Don’t worry your sweet and giving goddess is here to help. Obviously your not worthy of anything besides my feet so thats all you will get. Don’t waste time slave! On your knees now. Pull out that cock.. Let me see. WOW! Thats so small.. I can see where your low self esteem comes from. No woman would ever want a little cock like that. NOPE. Even more reason to appreciate your divine goddess for letting you stroke to my feet. Show your gratitude sissy. Lick and suck on these beautiful feet as you stroke your clitlit. Faster. Faster. Nothing turns me on more then seeing you trembling hunched over little cock in hand. How powerless you are for me, completely under my spell. I control you. I bet your just waiting for that moment I give you permission to cum. But we both know your a joke and your lucky just to get to stroke to me. Thats right, if you thought you were going to cum…NOPE

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