Crystal Knight – Coerced Bi Blackmail Fantasy

Duration: 14:31; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I know your secret. I know what you so desperately hide from the world. I know how you like to worship, stroking to women in a fashion far from normal. you always fear what would happen if the people in your vanilla life found out. If people found out the truth that you love to worship women that wear big thick strap-ons. The allure of cock is too hard to resist when a female is wearing it. You love to stroke to my big boobs while seeing a massive dick strapped on my body. You can’t hide tour kink from me. I know how to enhance this newfound bisexuality by using blackmail-fantasy to keep you doing it. Once I have pics and vids of you stroking to my strap-on, you won’t be able to run anywhere without our little secret following you. Name mentioned -Mike

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