Playing with My Pain toy – Young Goddess Kim

Duration: 19:53; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I keep you for one reason, as My pain toy. When I am not playing with you, I simply lock you away in My closet. you are so lucky that you are My favorite toy to play with. I have found that you are most enjoyable to hurt. I feel no pity watching you suffer, in fact it brings a glorious smile to My face, and brings you even more motivation to please Me. I have a list of household objects that I am going to use on your cock and balls as an experiment. I want to see in which combination it will hurt the most. And since you are My pain toy, you will kneel before Me, spread your legs and expose your cock and balls – My property – for My instructions as I watch your reactions to each sensation. you will be on fire for your Owner.

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