Lady Bellatrix – Lets Prepare You for the Man Train

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Lady Bellatrix has you on your knees in front of her, she is wearing a huge strap-on. She tells you that you are the first to the butt fuck party excluding all the people you can hear in the next room. She then drops a bombshell, telling you that you are the only slave and all the other guests are men and they will all be fucking and spit roasting you. “That’s your life mission to be fucked by men and there must be 20 of them here already” she tells you. Bellatrix says that the first thing she did today was throw away all the condoms because all that cum is going to go up your ass or down your throat. “You’re a dirty pig” she tells you. she then points to her stock of huge dildos and butt plugs. “The men’s cocks may not be this big but there will be a constant lineup through the night so your slutty hole has to be ready. Meanwhile, in the back room you can hear the men are getting more and more rowdy, they are anticipating slamming their dicks into you repeatedly through the night. One will fuck you, then pull out so the next in line can slide right in and that will go on all night she tells you. You will be bound on all fours to the discipline bench and your moth and ass will be just the right height for the studs to slam their hard, massive, cocks into you.”I promised everyone a nice slutty hole” she tells you and then adds that she can’t wait to see all the jizz running out of your slut hole. “A lot of men here are young, dumb and full of cum” she tells you, adding “And they don’t need much time to reload and fill you with another hot load.” She wonders out loud if you can manage 100 loads over the course of the night. She holds up all the dildos giving you the impression that she is going to use them all on you first before dimming the lights and opening the curtain for her guests. Bellatrix is really getting graphic about what’s going to happen and can see you are getting so aroused. She anticipated you will be asking to come back every weekend and eventually you will be a 24/7 slave in the dungeon and fucked from morning to night. She adds that she will use the big ripped strap-on dildo at least 10 times a day on you as well to insure when a man arrives you’re hole is loose and ready. She then wonders out loud what the world record is for taking cocks in a day and thinks maybe setting a world record would be a good goal for you. “I want your ass so full of that frothy hot cum that you’ll be dripping nonstop” she tells you. There will be no need for lube with you, the cum will do the job. “When you wake up in the middle of the night with an erection thinking about the next days cocks you just have to dip into your filthy man cunt with your fingers because there will always be a reserve of cum in there for you to eat” she tells you. The noise from the next room gets louder, the men are partying and likely anxious to have their way with you. Bellatrix says her aspiration is to eventually rent a haul so 1000 men can come and cum in your ass. To give you an idea of how much cum you will be taking tonight Bellatrix starts to stroke her big spiral cock and soon she blows a massive load all over the bench. Lick that up but scoop some up for your ass first because the first man is about to come in… or should we say ‘cum in’ your ass. In time you will be famous and known as the legendary Lady Bellatrix’s human cum bucket. Good luck not coming before this clip reaches the end.

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