Jocelyn Baker – Taking Advantage Of A Lost Girl 1080p

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A young girl shows up on your doorstep. It’s cold, raining, and her bus broke down. Her phone is dead & she can’t contact anyone. She’s knocked on all your neighbors doors — but you’re the only one who answered. Can she come in & charge her phone so she can call her mom? Of course she can you think..but you want to have a little fun with her first. You make her some hot chocolate, ask her a couple questions about herself. A little time passes and she attempts to call her mom but her phone has no signal. You look at this as your opportunity. You tell her you’ll let her use your landline but she has to do something for you first..Strip. She hesitantly agrees by removing her shirt. You want the bra too. She begins to get upset, but obliges. Your cock is now rock hard and you can’t resist, you want her to do even more. You tell her to touch herself. She agrees, but begins crying. After a few minutes you just can’t take how great she looks and tell her to come over to you and ride you, she climbs on your cock and puts her beautiful huge tits in your face and rides you frantically. If she really wants to make this phone call, though, she’s going to have to let you cum in her. You instruct her to get on her back, and she does exactly as you say like the perfect little slut she is. She takes your throbbing cock into her and you pound away..she begs you not to cum inside her, but you don’t care. You do it anyway and GOD does it feel amazing. You tell her to get up and get dressed. She’s finally earned a call to mom.

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