The Night Before The Wedding – Katie Cummings

Duration: 16:20; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: XXX HARDCORE

Katie is coming home drun*k from her crazy bridal shower. She’s excited to get married to Nick but, She bumps into her coworker Nito on the way home. Nito sees his opportunity and seduces her and has his way with her in her house. Wrapping his hands all over her. She knew it was wrong she would fight it at first. She tried to deny it. She tried to stay loyal, but in the end she knew she loved it. She knew she wanted it like this. Unveiling her slutty nature. Fucking hard. From behind. Doggy. Spread eagle. And from her side. In any angle he wanted. He was rough enjoying what he’s been craving. Stretching her. Having her admit she never had a dick this big. Admitting that he’s bigger than her fiancé and he never fucks her like this. Pulling her hair getting her to gasp and moan. Her hands grasping the sheets in pleasure. So fuck drun*k she starts drooling. And finally finishing in her sweet soaked pussy.

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