Goddess Dri – I am Superior

Duration: 06:59; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I can’t believe you actually thought we had something. I can’t understand why you would have had any kind of hope that I would actually… like you? I thought I was clear enough every time I took money from you and told you to get the fuck out. I don’t like you and you know that. How can you even deny it? How can you lie to yourself this way? I only like your money and if you want to leave, you’re free but I know you won’t. You like this, you NEED this, you DESERVE this because you are just a man and men deserve to be humiliated and degraded as the lowly human form of life they are. You know that is true and that’s why you don’t complain when I use you, as an inferior man, you know that serving me is the only right thing to do, you know that obeying is your purpose and that is why you serve as a stepping tool to build my empire. Buy this if you believe in female supremacy and that serving women is your purpose.

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