Goddess Dri – Cuck Toilet

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You would do anything for me, you would do anything I wanted you to do. You love me, you love my guidance, you need me, you need my power and my words leading you to the right path. What I really want you to do now is to become my cuck toilet. Yes, a cuck toilet. You will be that guy in the corner of my bedroom watching your beautiful and hot Goddess getting fucked by a real man, a real cock, a cock that is way bigger than yours. You will be that guy in the corner of the room just watching and waiting for your moment to shine, for your turn to be useful. Just watching and waiting for a chance to clean our body fluids, to clean every last drop of cum. It will hurt, you’ll feel humiliated, but it will all be so worth it. Buy this and get the hottest experience of listening to all of the delicious things that come out of my mouth in this clip.

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