Princess Miki – Denial Is A Gift

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– By Princess Miki Aoki – I never assign orgasm denial as punishment for My subs. Why? Because denial is a gift. I don’t want you to associate denial — or the ache in your balls that comes with it — with punishment. I don’t want you to normalize frequent orgasms, or consider them a reward, either. The reward for each moment spent obeying Me is the pleasure that comes from obedience, and therefore, when I tell you to refrain from cumming, you feel pleasure from the self control you exhibit. Besides, when you are denied for long periods of time, don’t the thoughts of Me become more vivid? Doesn’t My voice in your head become louder… and almost palpable? You should love all of this, so you should love being denied. There’s nothing cruel about orgasm denial. It’s a gift that brings you closer to Me. It’s a gift that strengthens your devotion and love for Me. So you will thank Me over and over again for denying you.

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