Goddess Alexandra Snow – Age Regression Entrancement

Duration: 11:07; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

This is going to be a fun exercise. Usually when I take you into trance, I instruct you to go down. But today I’m going to instruct you to go backwards. Specifically, you’re going to go backwards in time. Back all the way to your youth. You’re going to regress backwards to a time before you were an adult. I want you to embrace the ignorance and innocence of youth. You didn’t know how to care for yourself. You only knew your caretaker. You only know her love. You want her love. You want my love in exactly the same way. I want you to slide back in time to the begging of your journey in this world. Nothing matters except for your need to eat, rest and be cared for. You know only the wants of your body and your maternal caregiver. Go down to this place for me.

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