Friend-Zoned – Madam Samantha

Duration: 05:35; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

We’ve been hanging out and you’re sooo desperate to date me. Problem is, you’ve been friend-zoned! I know your weakness and I DO NOT like you in that way. I like REAL men and you are just a beta loser!

But I’m happy to keep using you to my advantage. I want you to continue obsessing over me, I want you working for me, and I even want you to find ways to pay me… Oh and I definitely want you there to hear about my sex life. I want you to have to suffer the humiliation and emasculation of having to listen to every detail about my sordid sex life.

And when you are weaker and even more hooked, I will put you in chastity. Just because I don’t want to play with that tiny dick, doesn’t mean anyone else is going to…

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