Goddess Evelyn – SIL Bmails You – Findom homewreck

Duration: 10:57; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I am your s*ster in law, and I’ve always noticed what a perv you were since the very beginning. I’ve always caught you staring at Me any chance you’d get. Usually I’d just ignore it, but after hearing about your new raise from your wife(my s*ster) I decided to use it to My advantage. So I left you a note while your wife was out of the house, and waited for you in the bedroom in My sexy new lingerie. Soon enough, you came running it! The note said that I wanted to fuck you, so it didn’t take long for you to get hard, and expose-fantasy yourself to Me. Little did you know I was recording you. So this can go two ways- I expose-fantasy you for the perv you are to your wife, and My fami1y, OR I will keep quiet about it, and you will give Me most of your pay check every month. Do you want to go through an expensive and heartbreaking divorce, or do you want to disappoint your wife and tell her you lost your promotion?

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