Bella Aurora – Always Only Me

Duration: 10:39s; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Drop down, my pet. Go into that special state of mind that you can only achieve with me. Feel my sexy, soft, silky voice make your body melt and your mind empty. It goes without saying that you’ll never find anyone like me again, and so it also goes without saying that you will never stray from me. You belong to me. You are all mine. You do what I say and you thank me. In this session I’m going to use a soft induction to put you in a suggestive and vulnerable state of mind, and then I’m going to program your mind so that you will no longer be able to see other women. You will literally see them as other men. If you have a wife or girlfriend, she will become invisible. Remember my pet, it’s always only me.

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