Your New Religion – Goddess Saffron

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You’ve been Mesmerized from birth to worship an invisible man in the sky, sat on a throne. Forget that pointless indoctrination. Why bother, when you can’t even see the God you worthip. What’s the point. Why believe in such folklaw. Why worship an invisible man in the sky?! Are you gay? Get real…. Wake up and understand the TRUE power of a Goddess like myself. Yes, you are now going to be converted to SAFFRONISM. Your new TRUE religion. Contratulations.. continue watching as I explain the details of your new religion and outline the 7 principles of Saffronism. 1) Unequality – You are not equal to Goddess. 2) Give to Goddess, regardless of what you can and cannot afford. 3) Frequent meditation to develop your focus on servitude. 4) Suffering for Goddess 5) Thou shall not worship false cheap imitation goddesses. 5) Thou shall steal if funds run dry to serve Goddess. 6) Thou shall make offerings and contributions to the temple of Goddess Saffron. 7) Thou shall chant saffronism 7 times per day.

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