Your Incurable Addiction to Me – Princess Miki

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This clip is about relap se, and that’s why you’re about to buy it.

We’re due for a little chat about this, and when I say chat, I mean I speak, and you listen. I don’t care to hear your defensive lies to yourself and to Me.

Your addiction to Me is incurable, and I’ll explain why that is the case, even though you probably already know why (at least… you should know).

There are many reasons behind your inability to rid yourself of this addiction, but I want to focus on two of the major ones:

1.) The feeling of submitting to Me and stroking to Me is something you can’t live without, and…

2.) Knowing that you can’t quit turns you on.

Each time you fail to quit after a pathetic attempt (while acknowledging My power that prevents you from accomplishing this feat), you get hard, and overwhelmingly horny. Yes, relap se itself turns you on.

It’s a never ending cycle. You’re addicted to My power, My beauty, My dominance… and everything about Me. But the fact that you can’t resist Me is what you love most: that’s why quitting is impossible.

I dare you to try, but you’ll come crawling back. You know it’s too late to cure yourself… but then again, trying and failing is a part of the appeal.

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