Young Goddess Kim – Red Rush

Duration: 15:35s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Since you begged for it… I have a little something, a reward for My smoke slave addict. Don’t overthink it, relax. Strip down and anticipate our smoke session.. I know I’m looking forward to it! Simply irresistible Smoking Goddess allows you to watch Her smoke, first teasing you with Her dangling cigarette and red lipstick stained white cork. Her long soft leather gloves caressing Her face, legs, breasts… Inhaling deeply, She sets you up for what’s to come. Wide open mouth inhales, you see the smoke quickly disappear and exhaled through Her sensual red lips. you are focused on obeying Her, pleasing Her, so you sit on your hands and resist the urge to stroke. No matter how much She tempts you, and it’s getting so hard… you think you’ve figured out the reward She hints at, with those leather gloves, Her divine smoke, cruel seduction and sadistic smile… Whatever it is, you will do anything for Her. Immediately after the first cigarette, She takes another between Her lips.. But this time She tells you to light Her up. And dares you to stay up close, so close you can feel Her smoky breath against your face. Her eyes capturing your undivided attention. you know you’ve become Her smoke prey, willingly indulging in Her sadistic smother smoking pleasure.

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