You’ll Do Anything To Stroke – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 06:15 ; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, FEET - FOOT FETISH

You’re constantly confused by your sexuality. You have no idea why you love feet so much but you know theres nothing you won’t do to stroke to perfect feet. Lucky for you I love taking advantage of your twisted kinks and I always make you work hard for the opportunity to stroke to my feet. So go ahead and get on all fours. Thats right like my little pet and get nice and close. I want to tease you with the perfect scent of my feet let you lick and suck them. Your mouth is already watering, cock already growing. Now go ahead and pull out that silly little cock and stroke. Thats right stroke for me my little pet. I love watching how entranced you are for my feet. Now listen my lit.

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