You Give to Me, and I Give you More – Princess Miki

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By now, you know that I am a wealthy woman, and you know how I accumulate that wealth. Some might say that it’s because of porn… sure, it is. It’s porn for the brain, capitalizing on the weaknesses of men like you, using My beauty and words to get deep into your head and extract exactly what I want from you.

Am I manipulative? Sure, I am, but you don’t hate Me for it. In fact, you love Me more because of it. I’m in the business of taking from men like you… men like you, as in, men who find the act of giving money to beautiful, cruel women extremely erotic.

You already know that I’m well off, that there’s little more that I need, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to give more and more. You see this expensive designer lingerie that I’m wearing? This was sub funded, and instead of resenting Me for owning something so frivolous that I didn’t even purchase, you wish you were the one that purchased it for Me.

Why is all of this so hot? Are you fucked up in the head? There will be those who say you are, but that’s an oversimplified explanation. You long to make the act of contributing to My life — to be a part of something bigger — a part of your sex life. You want this to be your entire sex life, in fact. It’s more fulfilling than having a girlfriend. You don’t long to date Me, because you know you can’t. You want to give to Me so you can have something else in return: that feeling. That beautiful, irreplaceable feeling that sending to Me induces, and you crave this all the time.

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