Wrecked Your Parents Marriage – Jamie Valentine

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Remember that one time we made a bet? You were so sure nothing could get in between your parents marriage… do I have a story for you. So you know how I just got back from vacation a few weeks ago? Well I forgot to tell you this really funny story that happened. I was checking in and right there in the lobby I ran into your parents. I was going to say hi but before I could even wave hello he came running over. He left your mom all by herself at the bar and came sprinting over waving and shouting hello. How embarrasing for your mother. Finally he’s standing in front of me saying hello and waving your mother over. Can you believe he introduced her to me as his friend. Haha. Basically I don’t think he cares she was there because he kept telling me how beautiful I looked and drooling over me. I could tell it bothered your mom so I thought I would fuck with your dad and see if he would kiss me in front of her. So I got real close to him while he spoke and just as I imagined he grabbed me and started kissing me so passionately in front of your mom. I could tell she was upset because she tried to push me off. That was her biggest mistake. Who does she think she is to even touch me? This is when I knew I would show her who’s boss. If she had just begged me to leave her husband alone I might have only made your dad cum once but she put her hands on me. Thats when I knew I was going to milk your daddys dick more then once to show her who’s really in charge. Your dad kept staring at my ass so I told him to kiss it. As I bent over and let him lick and suck all over my ass I unzipped his pants. His little dick was so hard and there was precum every where. I stroked him little stiff dick hard while I let him worship my ass. Your mother just stood there watching mortified. It was hilarious. I stroked his dick faster and faster till he came everywhere. He was so sad that he came so quick he kept apologizing begging for another chance. I whispered in his ear ” only way you’ll get a second chance is if you eat this pussy till I cum all over your face” He agreed in delight. So I grabbed your mom and we went into your parents room. I hogtied your mom first and put her on the bed so she could watch as I sat on your dads face. I bounced my fat ass up and down my pussy cumming everywhere while I stroked his dick and I just let your pathetic mother watch. Can you believe she kept falling off the bed and we kept having to stop and put her back on the bed. It was hilarious. Once I was done playing with your dad and covering his face in cum I stroked his cock hard till his cum squirted out. I caught it in my mouth and walked over to your mom and spit it all over her face and then I dragged her into the hallway. I made sure to take a picture and then I left her there. So just incase you haven’t talked to your parents since they got back from there trip you might want to, I have a feeling they’re having some marital issues.

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