Worship Jasmine – Lock it Away

Duration: 05:55; Quality: 1000x570; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

You really have no self containment do you! You cant help but unzip at any chance. I mean you and your right hand have been great friends for years as no sane women would even contemplate on going near such a thing.You don’t deserve to jerk off like normal men because well simple. your not. Your inferior and dirty slutty slave who deserves nothing more than being locked away and controlled in every aspect. So your going to do this, your going to lock yourself away & hand me the keys.You’re reading this because the thought of being locked up excites you… doesn’t it. You will lock yourself away send me they keys as I will be the new owner of your cock, along with lots of other things. ha The period of being a man is OVER! You will become a pay zombie, worker, cock-sucking whore or whatever I decide to turn you into…what matters is that I am in control.

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