Worship Goddess Heels – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 05:23; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: ASS FETISH, CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, FEET - FOOT FETISH

custom: Im tired of always teasing you with my feet. Today I’m going to make you work for it. You’re going to worship these long sexy black heels. They make my legs so long and you love it. Im going to make you shine these gorgeous slipper heels with your tongue. You’re going to deep throat the heel and clean every single inch. Wow look at that cock getting hard already. I own your dick and every drop of cum that comes out of it. If i tell you to cum you do and if i tell you to eat it you will. Start stroking for me, nice and slow then faster and faster. You love these heels and you love it even more once I start teasing you with my fat ass and these perfect heels all at once. Stick that tongue out nice and far and worship my heels like a good shoe bitch. Don’t forget to keep stroking and as soon as I count you down I want you to cover the bottom of my shoes with your cum and lick up every drop.

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