Workout Brats Stinky Smothering – Bratty Foot Girls – Maria Marley, Goddess Genesis

Duration: 12:38; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

The Stinky Brat Duo Maria and Genesis are getting in their daily workout, when they notice their roommate Jason perving on them from afar. They are sick and tired of him being a perve when they are trying to get their exercise in. They grab him and pull him to the floor where they tape his mouth shut and decide to teach him a very smelly lesson! They remove their shoes and socks and start smothering his noce under their stinky vinegary toes, clamping down on his nose so he is forced to inhale, then they start giving him a sniff of their sweaty asses , taking turns sitting on his face while the other restrains his arms, they start putting him in a figure force scissorhold so he has to smell their asses and feet at the same time. The finally finish him off standing full weight on his face so he has their stink imprinted right on his face! He won’t be perving on them ever again!

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