Winter Jade Makes Her Professor Naomi Swann Cum In Pantyhose – Bratty Babes Own You

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Naomi is a hot young professor who is always there to talk to her similar aged students. Naomi is having a sit down with her student Winter. Naomi explains to Winter that she is failing her class. Winter pleads to Naomi not to fail her but Naomi says there is nothing she can do. All of a sudden winter seductively takes off her shoes. Winter then slowly rubs her foot up Naomi’s pantyhose clad leg. Naomi is shocked and tries to get winter to stop. Winter keeps going and moves up Naomi’s skirt and eventually finds Naomi’s pantyhose covered crotch. Winter shoves aggressively shoves her foot into Naomi’s crotch, Naomi can no longer refuse Winter’s advances. Naomi uses her toes and soles to rub Naomi’s clit bringing Naomi into an orgasmic state. Winter continues to plead to Naomi to change her grade. Naomi can no longer say no and she gives in as Naomi has a huge orgasm. Winter thanks Naomi and goes to leave. Naomi then grabs winter and says she has one stipulation then to Winters shock Naomi’s pantyhose clad foot is shoved up her skirt. Winter face completely changes as Naomi’s silky foot rubs her pantyhose covered clit. Naomi rubs aggressively until her student has a toe curling orgasm.

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