Whose Big feet Stink Most – Bratty Foot Girls – Jessica Jones, Vanessa Rain

Duration: 10:41; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

Amazon Brats Vanessa and Jessica have been working out hard at the gym. Their feet are huge – Vanessa size 12 and jessica size 10, and as you know big feet = BIG STINK! They take great pleasure in torturing their facebox slave. They start off shoving their worn shoes over his nose, letting him get a good whiff of their hard work. Then they cup his nose under their sweaty socks. He winces from the extreme smell of vinegar and sourness as they stand over his face. he has NO escape! They peel off their socks and then the real torture starts! Their pink sweaty feet are almost too much as they take turns stepping on his face, wiggling their fragrant toes over his nose and letting him get every bit of toe jam up into his senses!

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