What did you call us? 1 – Bratty Foot Girls – Ella Chaplinn, Archie Lee

Duration: 12:37; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

When Ella and Archie get back from working out, they were so hungry they devoured a whole box of donuts they found in the fridge. Jason comes in and asks what happened to the donuts he had bought for work. When they say they ate them he calls them pigs for eating the whole lot. This throws them into a rage! Tgey ask what did he just call them? as they grab him and throw him down and put him out. He awakens tied up with his mouth gagged. These two are gonna make him pay for calling them names by shoving their sweaty socks and feet right in his face. He’s forced to smell their stinky toes and soles as they first rub their socks in his face hard. The soggy vinegary socks leave their mark all over his face then they remove their socks and give him their toejam, the smell is terrible as he struggles on the floor unable to do anything about it.

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