Vina Sky and Alexis Tae – Vina Sky Thinks She Finally Found a Bodyguard

Duration: 10:36; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BONDAGE

Wealthy heiress Vina Sky’s bodyguards have done a lousy job protecting her because she keeps getting tied up and gagged! But Vina’s impressed by the new woman on the job — tall, lithe and athletic, Alexis Tae is well-suited for her assignment; she’s also quite the sight in a tight black crop-top, booty shorts, stay-up stockings and high-heeled sandals. The man who grabs Alexis, however, is interested only in keeping her under control, which he succeeds in doing with plenty of white rope and tape. Once the bodyguard’s in bondage, it’s easy for him to overpower petite Vina, who also gets a tape-gag to go along with the rope binding her small body. As they struggle next to each other on the floor, Vina glares at yet another failed bodyguard; all that the regretful Alexis can do is to apologize with her eyes.

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