Vicious Cycle Verbal Humiliation – Miss London Lix

Duration: 11:54; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, FEMALE DOMINATION

You’ve sexualized self destruction, conditioned yourself into social isolation and sexual dysfunction. I’m your virtual girlfriend and give you all the sensations you can’t have in real life. On the one hand your situation gets worse, on the other hand it’s getting more and more pleasurable, with this beautiful Goddess giving you sexual fulfillment. Due to the impossibility to compete with my sharp intellect, you’re unable to cut the Gordian knot. I pull you in to an incredibly intense and mindfucking spiral of verbal abuse, and you’re loving it. This is a vicious cycle of verbal humiliation, and the closer I get, the more you crave to feel my whispers pierce your brain. You need this now.

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