Tsarina Baltic – Eternal Hell Aroma Goon

Duration: 10:40; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Part 2 of 2: Now you’ve woken up in hell, no more choices, you are one of the damned and for all of eternity you will be gooning with aroma induced jerk off instructions. I am your succubus demon, in charge of your aches, in charge of rotting your soul to ashes, making you stroke, you have no more choice, you are my damned soul and I shall do what I wish with it, slowly washing away any memory of your past life. Just stroke, soon you’ll forget your name, your life, your likes and forget everything else but how to keep aching, keep pumping your cock and breathe in the sulfur and rush, forget everything. Turn into a mindless gooner, eternity awaits you, lose your sense of time and space. Your aches will just blend in with the rest of them, you will hear their souls turn to nothing just like yours…

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