Trance Therapy 1080p – Mind Under Master – Cadey Mercury

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Cadey feels neglected by her boyfriend and she’s just looking for a little help. The good doctor feels that the issue might be something in her core psyche and recommends putting her into a trance. She stares into his light as he has her do some breathing exercises as he tells her “The sound of my voice makes you calm.” She’s hit with a clash of light and feel her eyes grow distant, all she can hear is his voice and when he asks her questions she answers honestly. She hasn’t had sex in five months. She desperately want to be touched. She wants to care and love someone again. Then the doctor begins to reprogram her mind. She’s attracted to the one person who can calm her. “You doctor” she says and he gives her permission to play with her pussy while he watches. She likes knowing he’s watching. She wants to be owned. “I’m going to stroke my cock while you do that, do you mind?” “No doctor” She’s no longer thinking about her boyfriend. All she can think about is the doctor’s cock and how much she wants to pleasure it. She leans back spreading her legs wide for the doctor to see her wet pussy as she begs to be a good girl “I won’t tell anyone about this doctor” she pleads before he counts down and makes her forget. When she wakes she looks down at her exposed pussy and he assures her it’s very normal. She asks if he’ll join her on the sofa, then she asks if she can give him a hug…what about a kiss on the cheek? She just had an intense trance experience, “would it be alright if I kiss you on the mouth?” she asks with a giggle. [ASMR] The doctor allows her to kiss him, so long as she won’t tell anyone. “Can I kiss you neck?” she asks and he leans back as she throws her leg on top of him. He plays with her thigh as she lovingly kisses up and down his neck. She wants more, so he offers to cuddle with her for a while. She spoons up close to him, her wet pussy rubbing against his thigh as she absentmindedly grinds against him. “It’s ok, you can grind on me” he tells her and she giggles again before kissing him passionately. “Tell me about your fantasies Cadey” Between kisses she whispers in his ear about the professor she wanted to fuck in college. He offers to role play with her, “pretend I’m that professor” She whisper how much she appreciates all that he’s done for her, how grateful she is to have him, how badly she wants to repay him. The doctor lets her stroke him as she continues to kiss and lick him, moaning with ecstasy at finally having someone to care for. “I’m worried you’ll go home and make the same mistakes, so when our session is done I want you to call your boyfriend and breakup with him” he commands. “I’ll tell him I fell in love with someone else, someone who cares for me and who I can care for” she responds, his cock sliding through her fingers. “I love you doctor” she finally says unable to hold it back. She feels so free having finally said how she feels, now she beg to get what she wants. She begs to come home with him, she’ll pleasure him and make him happy. She’ll do anything for him. Anything. She licks all over his cock, giving him a sensual blowjob as she continues to worship him. She calls him master as she sucks him off. She licks his balls and looks up at him with her big beautiful eyes. She begs to love him. She begs to be with him. She begs for his cum until he finally fills her mouth.

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