Total Relaxation & Mesmerization 2160p – Countess Crystal Knight

Duration: 29:59; Quality: 3840x2160 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Ready for an escape unlike any other? Ready to leave the world and fall for me? I want you to go deep into subspace as I stare into your eyes and help you forget everything. The only priority, your only focus is me. This is the ultimate relaxation mesmerization. I know how good I make you feel when I tell you you’re a good boy. I tell you that you want to stroke. I tell you that you need to stroke. Look into my eyes, because it feels so good to stare into my blue eyes and lose yourself. Relax as I count you back from 10. Fall for me. Erase your stress and worship my tits. I am all you need. This is the ultimate relations and mesmerization that you can watch every night. Have a drink and worship me deep in subspace. Addiction is one click away. (Custom clip – Name mentioned)

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