Tiatizzianni – Nyxi Leon and Liz Kyo – Goth Femboy Nyxi Fucked by Mistress-Liz

Duration: 20:33; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: TRANS – TRANSGENDER

Nyxi feels so SUBMISSIVE as a GOTHIC FEMBOY but so turned on . She knows Liz is going to take advantage of her like this and SHE DOES! Mistress Liz starts by RAMMING HER FINGERS into NYXI’s BOI PUSSY. She HUMILATES her by call her BOI. She taunts her to act like a GIRL. Nyxi whimpers and is HUMILATED. LIZ gers her attention by CHOKINGher hard. Nyxi knows who is boss and quickly complies. Liz makes her give a HOT BLOW JOB and LIZ also FUCKS Nyxi’s mouth with abandon. Soon Liz is SPANKING her to perform better. Then the FUCKING STARTS and HARD FUCKING it is. NYXI and LIZ FUCK HARD and LONG with Liz driving her COCK DEEP like a PISTON SLAMMING HOME in 4 DIFFERENT POSITIONS. When Liz is ready to LAUNCH she gets Nyxi in position for an AWESOME FACIAL with LOTS of CUM. VERY HOT DOMINATION, FUCKING and FACIAL!!

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