TheTabithaJane – You Ll Learn to Love Me

Duration: 8:27s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, FEMALE DOMINATION

It’s a little secret that you’ve been trying to break up with your girlfriend. You thought you were keeping the secret pretty well until you’re awakened in a dark room stripped of everything but a television and your (prospectively soon to be) ex girlfriend. She’s dressed in a sexy corset and tells you not to worry. Your limbs feel vaguely numb and tired. She has you held in this place- a little secluded building for you to rethink your plans to dump her. The truth is, she knew what was coming and proceeded to bring you here until you learn to love her. Prepping you for what’s to come, she explains you’ll be looking through photo albums she provides and the TV will have some of your best memories playing on them. It should help solidify how much your relationship actually means to you. Until you behave though, she will be coming in to feed you, clothe you, relieve you of potty breaks and give you sponge baths. It’s expected that in no time you may even be able to venture into other rooms. But just in case, she’s covered all her bases with your job, friends and loved ones in making sure they know you’re on a sweet little secluded vacation together. True romance. Of course, by the time you leave here with her, you’ll be planning your wedding and life together. Because your life either is her forever, or the end is near.

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