Therapist-Fantasy from Hell: Virgin Loser Humiliation – Princess Miki

Duration: 12:44; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION

I am your Therapist-Fantasy, and you come to me for your anxiety and depression. The session begins as normal, and I ask you a few questions regarding your current predicament. I try to engage in a few exercises to begin to understand the source of your depression, but you tell me that there’s no need, as you already know what it is.

You tell me that you are still a virgin, and I cannot help myself but laugh, abandoning all professional protocol. I taunt you for your status, and of course, you become turned on — for being in the presence of an attractive woman, and also from the humiliation I subject you to.

I tell you to get your small, pathetic penis out and laugh some more. I tease you and taunt you with my body, as you keep jerking your tiny dick — until I tell you to stop.

Loser virgins don’t get to cum in the presence of a beautiful woman. They only deserve blue balls.

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