The Words That Flow From My Luscious Lips Taunt Your Soul 720p – Humiliation POV – Luscious Lindsey

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Luscious Lindsey I know just how obsessed you are with my perfect, pretty face. But especially my nice luscious lips, they just taunt you so badly. You can’t stop thinking about them and the pretty words that come out of my mouth, because everything sounds good from these lips. Even when I tell you that you can’t have them, that you could never touch them. I know how that makes you feel. I know it makes your pathetic dick twitch. Because even though I’m telling you that you can’t have them, you’re so obsessed that you can’t look away. And no matter what you do or how hard you try, you’ll never ever be able to look away from my perfect lips. You’ll never be strong enough. You’ll never be able to resist anything that comes out of my mouth. You’ll never ever stop staring at my lips. You can’t say no to them. Go on and try. Try to look away, try to turn the sound off, you can’t do anything. You’re hooked, trapped. You are powerless against my lips. There’s nothing you can do. You can’t run from this, your addiction is too strong. Your obsession with my perfect, plump lips consumes you. They’re so perfect and the things I do with them are so naughty and you’ll never have a taste of that. You’re just a weak little loser for me, isn’t that right? A complete fucking loser that will do anything I say because you’re mesmerized by them. You’re so obsessed and you have no self control. You’re in so deep, there’s no escape for you. You’ll do anything just to listen to the words that come from these lips. There’s nothing you can do about it, you’re so fucking weak for me. You can’t stop staring at my lips, you can’t stop listening to my voice. Nothing matters in your life more than I do, more than the words that come from my lips. My face and my lips rule over your stupid fucking life. You can’t run from it, go on and try.

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