The Tabitha Jane – Republican Reprogramming Pt 3

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This week we are getting right into it. You made it through rounds one and two, and now it’s time you become even more liberal and aware. This time, we know how the election has turned and you don’t want to be on the losing side, do you? Of course not. So we are going to talk about how to look at new data, cutting out conservative media, and finding science journals or educational sources for arguments. Name calling is so overdone and unattractive. Having. valid argument, citing sources, and admitting you don’t know something is so much more attractive and makes me suuuuper wet. While we are at it, we are going to stop using religion to stop others from living their lives. It’s okay that everyone is different and just because we have faith in something doesn’t mean someone has to. So religious or not, we won’t be pushing our opinions on someone else. After all, being openminded is what makes you such a good reformed person. You want to please me and be on the winning (obviously my) side, don’t you? Masturbate and be mesmerized by my words before my tease at the end. You have an assignment ahead and lots to learn, so better clear out brain space with a big orgasm as I touch myself. Your changed ways will become the thing I masturbate to.

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