The Queens – Pindick Sissy Anal JOI Torment

Duration: 23:40; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Custom clip, No name. Holly and I have been dating for just a couple of weeks, and she invites me over to meet her best friend Tara. Things are pleasant, but Tara seems suspicious of me, and asks Holly very intrusive questions.. if we’ve had sex yet, if she’s seen my cock, that kind of thing. Holly laughs it off, saying we’re taking things slow, to which Tara immediately says that she could tell straight away I’m a small cock sissy. Holly can’t believe it, and asks me to take my pants off, only to see that Tara was right! My cock is tiny. Holly is mad that I would deceive her like this, while Tara is amused that she guessed right. As punishment, Tara suggests I ride a big dildo in front of you both to debase myself, the first step in my servitude. As I ride it, both of you strip, teasing me that I’ll never get to use my cock on a woman, and that I’ll be the bitch getting fucked from now on. You are both amused at how I’m grinding my hips into the cock, saying I was clearly never a man to begin with. You tell me to start jerking off my miniscule dick, and tell me this is the last time I’ll ever get a release, before I’m in servitude forever. You torment me, counting down slowly, before demanding I blow my load. You berate me, laughing at how pathetic and small my load was, telling me I was born to be an enslaved sissy slut fucktoy for hot, superior Girls.

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