The Miss Ginger – Stroking Is Better Than Sex

Duration: 7:27s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH

You don’t have much of a sex life, if even one at all. You’re just a poor lost soul aching for attention from Me. You are fully aware just how little you mean to me and yet you can’t help but come back again and again. What an idiot haha… I hate you, I find you disgusting, and the only thing you are good for is serving my feet, making me money, and being a source of entertainment when I see fit. I want you to stroke that stupid cock of yours as I remind you of just how little you mean to me. You are going to goon your life away knowing I am going to deny you that blissful orgasm…you don’t deserve it. Losers like you only stroke and send.

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