The Cost Of Your Addiction – Jamie Valentine

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Your obsessed. Every thought that goes through your mind is clouded by your resounding affliction for my breasts. They’re all you can think about. The only thing you can dream about. They’re so round and soft. So perfectly shaped all you can think about it touching them. Placing your face in my cleavage. Smelling my sweet perfume. Tasting them. caressing my nipples. But your far from ever getting to experience any of those things. Your a loser and Im a queen. We both know Id never give you the time of day, let alone let you any where near my breasts. You keep wishing there was anyway you could stand out. Wondering if theres anything you could do to possibly make yourself visible. Your tired of living life going unnoticed by the pretty girl. Your finally ready to try anything to get my attention. You know your not worthy but your not that stupid either. You know I love spending your ca$h. Nothing turns me on more then making you work all day to turn around and give me all your hard earned money. Thats the only way a beta like you can make me notice you. Finally you figured it out. Now its time to give till it hurts loser. Keep sending gifts and money the more you stare at these breasts. Every time you hit send you know that I will notice you.. Think of you.. You can’t stop yourself you found your reason for existing and its simply spoiling me.

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