Tenshigao – Yumi Kawai Loves to Masturbate so We Invited Her in Today to Show Us How

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Yumi Kawai is not married and has no boyfriend. She likes to cook pasta and hamburgers. She loves to work in the food service industry. She is just twenty five years old. She has a cute smile and nice face. She is very sweet and has dated about five men in her life. She does like to masturbate when she gets horny. She tells us how she likes to rub her clit to get off. She admits that she once had sex in an internet cafe. She tried to be as quiet as she could and was just too horny so fucked right there. She tells us that she has come to see us today as she wanted to try to re-create the feeling she had before when she would try to pleasure her boyfriend. She got so turned on when she did it. She brought a vibrator with her today so she could try this again. We asked her to slide it into her panties and then see what happens when she turned it on and stimulated her pussy. This was going to be a good afternoon as we watched her vibrator stimulate her clit. She really seemed to like us watching her as she got excited. We got the feeling that Miss Yumi really likes to be watched and she was here not just to fuck but to be watched as she fingered herself and got herself off. Of course all this got us horny so we leaned in to start kissing her. That was lovely and with that vibrator in her panties she really started to get wet. What a sweet shaved pussy she has, go check it out. She was a lovely hard fuck you are going to enjoy watching.

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