Tenshigao – Cute and Sexy Cheating Japanese Housewife Ms Rena Horikawa

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Rena Horikawa is a married woman. She is just a young wife who looks like she is in her early twenties but is really thirty years old. She looks so young and fresh and we could not believe that she is really that age and married. Her husband is almost forty years old. Rena has only had a few lovers in her life. She has never had a one night stand and only fucked her lovers. She sometimes gets horny when she is home alone and will finger her own pussy to get off. She enjoys masturbating and touching her clit and as she told us about her clit we got hard imaging her clit in her fingers as she leans back in an chair and flicks that lil bean. This is sexy and hot and we want to see. Rena also lets us know that although she is married she wanted to try her hand today at being a porn model. She also admitted that her husband has been cheating on her and fucking one of her friends. This upset her and she decided the best thing to do is to save some money before she divorces him. This was all a bit strange for us as she wants to do porn to save money to cheat on her husband and make some money and save it for the divorce. Well, that was odd until we decided to kiss her and unbutton her clothes so we could see her body. Fuck, now we didn’t care where she came from we wanted her she looked so delicious!

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