Tatted Punk Soles Get A Sticky Splash – Sticky Soles

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This is a hot punk chick I’ve seen around campus and have been wanting to get at. She’s covered in tats and looks like she might be a mega bitch but is actually pretty cool. She has a hot body and beautiful face. She was down to help me out and thought it was a cool idea. One thing that attracted me to her was she had very pretty hands and long, slender fingers. Usually girls with nice hands will have similar nice feet. We hooked up after her classes were over that day. She’s was wearing a pair of checkered Vans, she’s always wearing these Vans whenever I see her on campus. She’s the type that I don’t think even owns a pair of sandals, her feet are always covered up which makes me want to see them even more. When I pulled off her Vans she was wearing black socks that were super sweaty, maybe the sweatiest socks I’ve had on a girl yet. When pulled them off I took a nice deep sniff and the amazing scent got my dick hard instantly. This girl had some hot slender soles and long toes too. It’s a crime she keeps them covered up in shoes all the time. Punk and goth chicks always end up havin’ hot soles for some reason. I get right down to business working her soles over, they felt super smooth on my cock. Lots of conversation about her life as I fuck her clueless feet. I hold out as long as possible but end up blasting a huge load on her soles. She tells me that it “felt good” as we’re finishing up, it felt good for me too! Gonna try and get this hot one back for some “prop” action. What do ya think?

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