Tanyax Parker – Ruin Your Orgasm for my Farts

Duration: 7:21s; Quality: 1904x1088; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION

So it’s been a while since I gave you permission to jerk off and also cum for me, hasn’t it? Well, today I woke up feeling extra super generous, so I’ll let you have your orgasm as you watch this video if mine. But of course there’ll be a little trick to it. I wasn’t going to just let you cum and get away with it that easily haha So I’m gonna tease you to the point of no return, count you down and right when you’re about to cum, I’ll simply ruin your orgasm dor you. Sounds fun!? Lol you’re such a weirdo, that I wouldn’t be too surprised if you actually found it kinky and got aroused by the fact that I’m destroying your orgasm. And to spice things up even more, I’m going to also make you clean up the mess with your tongue. That’s right, you’re gonna lick it all up fr wherever it lands when I get to 0.well,enjoy little weirdo!

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