Sydney Harwin – Mommy Gives Up Her Ass

Duration: 37:4s; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: MILF

You have been in an intimate relationship with your Mommy for 15 years, but you’ve recently moved out, making it harder for the two of you to meet up for sex. You also have just found yourself a pretty young girlfriend and its time to tell your Mom. At first she is upset and kinda mad at you for betraying her like this.. she thought that the two of you would always be fucking behind your Dads back, but now that you are in a relationship, you don’t wanna cheat on your new girl with your own Mother anymore, so you are putting an end to it with your Mommy. She tries to encourage you to stay with HER instead of that silly younger girl, but its no use. Finally, she remembers that there is something that you’ve always wanted to try with your Mom, but that shes always said no to- ANAL. Yes.. your Mommy is going to show you just how much she fucking loves and wants you, by giving up her ass for you. Hopefully, this will make you want to be with your Mommy always and not chase after other stupid girls. Your Mommy is all you will ever need, completely.

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