Sydney Harwin – Five Days With Mommy

Duration: 50:18; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: MILF, VIRTUAL SEX

Five Days With Mommy’ is my most adventurous (and challenging) taboo movie yet. It follows you coming home to your mother after living at your dads house for almost a year. Your mom had some mental health problems and so decided it was best (whilst she was recovering) for you to stay with your father. Upon moving back home, your mommy is not her usual self. She is very touchy feely with you and doesn’t understand why you won’t just reciprocate. She is almost throwing herself at you, and acts out when you don’t respond. You can’t be sure, but you think your mom might be hiding something… maybe you don’t remember, but what if you’ve forgotten after all that time away… forgotten how to properly be with your mother? Is she crazy… or do the two of you have some unspoken sexual tension still burning away from before you left?

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