Sydney Harwin – Bad Daddy

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You couldn’t help but notice your daughter going out without wearing a bra again, and so confront her on the matter. She is so embarrassed that you brought it up, but says that its because mom is too busy to take her bra shopping and her boobs have grown a lot bigger over these past few months. You are so turned on that your daughter is growing up now, that you ask her to try on some bras that you bought for her mother to see what she thinks of them. Your daughter reluctantly agrees but asks you to close your eyes when she gets changed into each one. The bras just keep getting more and more revealing, and once she has the last one on, you both hear her friends coming into the apartment and you are rock hard! Your daughter tells you to make it go down, but it just won’t. She doesn’t want her friends seeing her dad with a hard cock in his trousers, so tells you to masturbate to get rid of it. You say that it will work better if she strips out of her clothes and bends over so you can see her pretty pink asshole. Your daughter is mortified, but agrees to help you out and to avoid embarrassment in front of her mates. After she is naked and exposed, you ask her to grind against you, which she does, but still, it doesn’t make you cum, so you ask her if you can have sex with her. She says no because she is still a virgin, but you admit that you saw her having sex once, but she insists that it was anal, so you settle on fucking your cute daughter up her ass (because after all, she must be used to having her ass stretched by her boyfriend!) You get her to hold herself open so you can taste her holes and then slide your cock inside of her butt, cumming nice and deep inside of her belly.

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