Sweet For Stink – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 05:00; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, FEET - FOOT FETISH

I left around an hour ago to go to the gym and your exactly in the same spot that I left you. I have a feeling you want something from me, I can tell when you’re hiding something. You’re always staring at my feet and I have caught you sniffing my sneakers a few times before. Im pretty sure you’ve been sitting here waiting for me to get back just so you can get a whiff of my stinky feet. Thats your secret isn’t it? You’re sweet for stink I can tell. Thats fine I don’t like fucking your little dick anyways so come get closer. I’ll tease you with my sweaty sneakers put them right in your face to get your pin dick hard and then wipe my dirty feet across your stupid face. I can tell your dying to stroke and there’s nothing I want more because I hate it when you bother me for permission to cum. So get to it loser and stroke for me under a few conditions… I don’t have all day so you better hurry up and as soon as I tell you to erupt i expect your cumtribution all over my feet so I can enjoy watching you lick it all up.

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