Sweaty Slipper Worship – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 10:27; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Custom: Guess what im wearing? My favorite slippers and its extra warm today. I already know you want to take a long whiff of my sweaty feet but don’t forget what we talked about before. Your not allowed to stroke anymore. Not until you do what I said. But I’ll let you appreciate the sweet stink of my sweaty feet and slippers. Enjoy as I stick my wet scented socks up against your face. You so easily lose control its hilarious watching your cock grow as I keep teasing you with my stinky little toes. Every time I put them closer and pull them away I see you get sad. You just want to lick in-between each of my toes and taste my sweat. I finally shove my socks deep in your mouth and gag you with all of my essence. You love it, breathing deeply. Tasting all of me. Swallowing my nectar more deeply second by second. My stinky feet control you.

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