Sunshine’s Stinky Converse Feet – Bratty Foot Girls

Duration: 09:01; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

SUnshine comes home after classes and joins her room mate Ninja who is relaxing on the couch. She has her stinky old converse shoes on that she wears to all the big outdoor raves and all day in classes everyday. Ninja notices she hasn’t got any socks on and comments to her how unhygenic that is. Sunshine gets a sly grin and kicks them off and starts shoving them in his face.The smell overpowers him immediately and makeshim go light headed, he can’t fight off his roommates stinky soles as she moves him to the floor and latches onto the back of his head with one foot while forcing him to smell the other sole. She rubs her soles and toes all over his face and nose. Making sure he gets a good hard sniff of her putrid vinegary stench straight from her converse. She pushes his head to the floor where she uses him as her foot rest for the rest of the night.

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