Stroke For My Nose – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 07:22; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: FEET - FOOT FETISH, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

::CUSTOM:: You find out your boyfriend likes your nose and likes when you play with it so you confront him about it. You start by saying that you notice he gets aroused whenever you itch your nose or flare them. He denies it but when you make a silly pig nose to him he gets aroused and laugh at him. From there you begin to taunt him with multiple piggy noses and saying oink occasionally to him. You also taunt him of the time you caught him talking to an obese women at the mall trying to talk to him before running her off referring to her as Miss Piggy. Towards the end you instruct him to masturbate in front of you while you make silly pig noses at him. During the countdown you call him jokingly little peepee boy and oink occasionally until he finishes. In the end you tell him your going out with friends and expect him to clean the house before you get back.

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