Stella Liberty – Candi Gets a Prince Albert

Duration: 10:48; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

It has been a long road for Candi since she was turned into a rubber slut long ago at the Rubberdoll Factory and Academy for Sluts. Her journey from arrogant tech startup billionaire has been a long and arduous one but her training and transformation is finally complete. The only thing that remains is her inherent need for attention and fulfillment of her raging clitty and this will finally come to an end. Candi has acted out for the final time and Mistress Stella Liberty has just the solution. She had warned this day would come if Candi didn’t get control of her clitty, but now it is too late. Mistress Stella Liberty gives Candi some ass gas and smothers her until she is out cold. Then Mistress Stella Liberty pierces Candi’s clitty with her final slut accessory, a Prince Albert piercing. Once healed the piercing will be fitted over Candi’s chastity device and she will no longer be able to cheat and rub her clitty. Welcome to a life of chastity bitch, it is going to be a long enjoyable road for Mistress Stella from now on.

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